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Infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children need extra vigilance which brings in new challenge and responsibilities for transportation providers and school authorities.
Trained support staff member is sent keeping in mind safety of young children while being transported from home to school and school to home and/or for premise activities such as field trips and educational outings. Safe and secure home pick-up and drop facility is available directly from Scholar's Valley,operated by well trained drivers and assistant who ensure safe ferrying of children at school for a reasonable price. Parents who wish to avail the School Bus transport please register your Child's name and pay the requisite fee

   Please note that the children have to be ready 5 minutes before their pickup time at the bus stop in your premises. The Van will not wait for the children.

   We would appreciate if you inform the drivers on their mobile if your child will not be attending school as early as possible. The mobiles Nos. of the drivers for your respective routes will be communicated later.

   Pick up timings will be notified and we request you to follow the schedule so as to avoid inconvenience and delay to others. These timings are subject to change with prior notice and we request parents to co-operate with us.